Archive 02/04; The Seychelles so far…



So here I am in the middle of the Indian Ocean. If you look on the map it’s just a speck. It’s weird to be here after planning this trip for so long. However, even in paradise all is not perfect. As I said before there was a monsoon, so the weather has not been the best. However I have a lovely guest house just across from the beach. Breakfast is included: toast, eggs, fruit, coffee and juice. so that covers one meal aday. bonus as this is not a backpackers paradise. there is much hiking to do as well as the beach since this is an archipelago. The people here are different, can’t quite pute my finger on it. However I’ve made a very good friend with the immigration officer that stamped my passport and saturday we went out in Victoria, the smallest capital in the wrold and did the town. the local music is cajun reggae. Today I am off to island number 2, Praslin. Oh and some unfortunate news, my beloved camera, my most prized possession, my lifeline, fell into the ocean. try as i may it seems to be a loss. so unfortunately it will be a while before i can upload new photos onto the website. however, i still have many to share from asia to keep your viewing interest. 

must close, but wanted to give an update. 

until next time…


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