Archive 03/04; Another day, Another continent


Greetings from Nairobi! 

surprise, I’m here a week early. Funny, I went to the Seychelles 2 weeks late and left 1 week early. 1 Week was absolutely enough! Especially with the cyclonic rains the last 3 days I was there. I mean honestly, there is little to do there on a sunny day, so you can only imagine with rains! which explains their overpopulation problem and increasing AIDS incidence. The Creole people are an interesting group. My friend Warren, who is Portugese, was telling me that they are a proud people with nothing to back it up. honest and to the point. and once again, since there is little do there, the people have no drive. so for this type A, one week was perhaps too long. anyhow, there are only weekly flights, so I left for Nairobi yesterday. i’ve never been so happy to leave a place, especially being covered in mosquito bites. 

For those of you who were concerened about me flying into Nairboi (Ani) I can assure you that it is not the Nairobi of the 80’s. I must start by telling you that flying over Kenya was absolutely amazing. and as the plane approached Nairobi airport the peopl on board started cheering and yelling, rising in volume. YOu could feel their eagerness with each mile. And when the wheels touched the runway, cheers, whoops, screams and clapping. It was like New Year’s, quite a sight to observe. You couldn’t help but celebrate with them. The people at the airport money change bureau were very helpful in telling me where to get a cheap hotel, seeing as I never planned on spending any time in Nairobi. My driver, James, was very kind. “Welcome to Africa!” The people here are incredibly proud and welcoming. Last night one of the men from my hotel took me to a local hang out where there was a congo band playing. I started talking with one of the musicians. So many people came over to talk to me. The only White person there. There was no feeling of strain. They are so happy to share their culture and music with you. We danced and danced and dacned. “you dance good” they said. I can’t believe I am here experiencing this! I never in a million years dreamed i would be in africa dancing to the congo. 

Anyhow, things are good, I’m safe and all is well.


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