Archive 04/04; Safaris & Such



Just returned from a 3 day safari in the Masai Mara, which is the northern most portion of the Serengeti. It was absolutely fabulous. Safaris are substantially cheaper in Kenya than Tanzania, so I grabbed the opportunity while I had it. There was 6 of us in the group. 2 Aussies, 2 French, 1 Japanese, 1 Isreali and myself. However we were all independent. Anyhow we saw a lot of cool stuff. The 2 coolest being a group of lions feasting on a recently killed Buffalo. I’ve never seen such bloated bellies as those of the head simba and his queen. The second was over at the Hippo Pool. There were about 50 of them all huddled together. Off to the side was a female that had just given birth that morning to a new babe. |I only got to see the top of his head but he was adorable. She had to protect him though from the crocodiels, which also live in the Mara River. The mara river is the one that you’ve seen the wildabeasts crossing duyring their migration in august. I was fortunate enough though to see some local wildabeasts. Another cool thing was coming into a herd of African BuffaLO, not nearly as friendly as the water buffalo. It was quite impressive because there were hundreds of them staring at us intently. “ARe they aggressive?” I asked our driver…”yes” he answered…”very and completely unpredicatble!” then he proceeded to drive right throug the middle of the herd! haha. 

We got to stay on a loverly cam-p site not far from the masai village. at night they came and performed ceremonial dance and songs (for a price ofcourse). One very cool part of the evening was they gathered up the females and had us dance and sing with each one of them and then the group as a whole. afterwards they told us that it was the traditional wedding dance. “now we are married” he told me…”where are my 20 cows?!” i demanded. 

to simplify, the following is a list i compiled of all the animals we saw over the last 3 days…enjoy. 

jackal (1) 
baboons (several) 
spotted hyena (1) 
lions (7) 
cheetahs (2) 
elephants (hundreds) 
ostrich (20) 
Giraffe (50) 
Hart Beests (many) 
Topis (many many) 
dik-dik (20) 
impalas (hundreds) 
wart hogs (10) 
Hippos (50) 
Crocs (2) 
Gazelles (hundreds) 
Bush back Antelope (1) 
African Buffalo (hundreds) 
Eland Antelope, the largest (20) 
Vultures (hundreds) 
Eagles (4) 
Zebras (many) 
Wildabeasts (60) 

Until next time!


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