Archive 06/04; Camels & Sand


Yep, that would sum up the last 3 days. 3 days in the desert on a camel. HOT!!! by noon the water is so hot that you could make rice with it. Actually life in the desert is completely different…it has to be. you have to completely adjust your time table from “western” time to desert time. that is you get up around 7 and ride until about noon where you find a tree, have lunch and nap until about 4. it’s just too hot, for you and the camels. which have got to be some of the dumbest animals i’ve ever encountered. and completely unemotional or attached to you. getting up and down is not a pleasant experience either. another interesting thing about camels is that unlike horses and cows, they do not have hoofs, but fleshy coverings on the bottom of their feet. So we rode through the desert for 3 days going from one small village to another. the children, as always, are the most interesting part. VERY playful. they all ask for school pens and rupees, neither of which i gave. but they love to chase and be chased and make playful fighting. so that was fun. the most interesting part of the journey had to be sleeping in the desert at night under the desert sky. it does finally cool down and it was really great…until the wind picked up and it turned into a mini sand storm. I’m not kidding when i say that i had sand in every orifice of my body! (it also makes natural tp in the desert!)  by the morning you couldn’t even see my blanket as it was completely covered in sand. however by 4 am when the moon had set the stars were absolutely breathtaking! you could clearly see the milky way. also, you have to sleep on the highest point of the dune so as to stay away from most of the night animals…such as scorpions and field mice. the worst i had on me were these beetles that have a very hard shell. so that was quite an experience. oh, one more thing, we got within 2 km of the Pakistani border…that’s as close as they allow. There is a clearly defined electric fence marking the border with armed guards set to shoot at any time. sorry, no photos. 

sorely yours (from 3 days on a camel!)


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