archive 06/04; One Night in Delhi


so this is an “exclusive” (i.e. my mother will never hear about this) e-mail, detailing my last (and hopefully final) day in Delhi. it started innocently enough with lunch in our usual spot. when i noticed a guy on the table sitting across from us that looked distinctly familiar. finally i could stand it no longer and said to him that he looked as such, but i didn’t believe i had met him in India and thought perhaps it was in Thailand. Sure enough after about 5 minutes i recalled that a group of us had hung out in Pai (N Thld) mid Jan. and had a lenghty and strategic game of Jenga, as well as motorbiking. So he and his friend joined us and we talked until they kicked us out due to needing the tables. So since it was sat. afternoon in Delhi, hot as hell and nothing better to do we decided to get pissed. also, it’s been a long time since i’ve had a drink, so i felt the need. down to the end of the main bazaar we went to 1 of 2 bars on the block. Please do not get visions of Whiskey Blues in your mind. Think more along the lines of Ho Jo’s 40 years ago, but still open today. And consistent with the ambience was the quality of the alcohol. Has anyone even heard of B. R. Gin??? Well, I’ll give you a clue…it tastes something like lighter fluid. Although after 8 shots it starts to grow on you. Well, by 9:00 it seemed like the only sensible thing to do was to go out clubbing…which we found out is easier said than done in Delhi. After being shuffled around and stopping for directions 3 times, we finally found the club that was referred to us by a hotel receptionist. Guess What??? we got there just in time for closing…and it was raining. so after a 30 min. rick-shaw drive we weren’t exactly thrilled. then this hip Indian guy walked up to us and told us of another club that was open not far away. so over there we went. it wasn’t bad and i had the strongest Sex on the Beach ever made…make that 3 of the strongest S.O.B. anyhow, met some other Indian guys there that chatted us up and just as I was making my way to the dance floor…it shut down. A mere 1:00 am! Well then there was some debate between the first Indian guy we met and the Indian guy I met inside as to where to go next. originally the plan was for Toby (the guy I recognized from the beginning) to go with the first guy since he liked him and my friend and I to go with the second guy and his friends. so into stranger #1’s car we went to go to a place called “Float”. Some where along the way we got the impression that he may’ve been to drunk to drive…we got this impression because he almost crashed 3 times. When we finally did get to the place the cover charge was way beyond what we wanted to pay. so the first indian guy convinced us to ride with him, since the second guy was drunk, and told us of a place out by the airport that stayed open until 6 am. None of us knew where the airport was, but we went…into Stranger #2’s car. well, I’m still not sure where the airport is, but he drove us half way across India, into the next state in fact and after an hour and a half we finally arrived…at a Shopping Mall!! With a Ruby Tuesdays inside! (Jim) A ruby Tuesday’s in India?!?!?!?!?! Well, inside was a club and when we got there would you believe that the cover was even more than the place we had just left? Well what could we say. After driving all that way, not knowing where we were, we couldn’t very well say no…though I did want to strangle the guy and probably would have said something if my verbal skills were working at the moment. anyhow, so in we went and i have to say that i saw a part of indian culture that i’ve never seen before. now you can return to your images of new york clubs on a saturday night…think Cheetah or Plaid, or Tunnel back in the day. Coz that’s exactly what it was. Crowded, young hip indians, dancing to strong techno beats. and the bar was just as crazy. crowd up and shout out or you will be ignored. I’m not quite sure what I drank, but i think it was vodka. the dance floor was equally packed with strong strobe lights. i met this really cool, hip indian girl that sounded more like a valley girl and we became best friends immediately and she was kind enough to share her ‘happiness’ with me…which made the evening even more interesting, if not blurry to say the least. i think we danced there until around 5 and then my friends decided it was time to leave, but unfortunately our indian friend did not think so. well guess what, now he was to drunk to drive as well and was not keen on us leaving without him. oh well, outside to mall security (haha i know) we went to look for a taxi, but seeing as how we didn’t even know where we were and were informed that taxis don’t run out there. then i recall us talking to random people in the parking lot and then running into my indian girlfriend from inside who arranged a ride for us. Are you keeping track…STranger #3’s car, which was a turbo engine that he was gleefully racing with his equally turbo armed friend down the freeway, until we almost crashed into another car. I guess it’s a good thing that I was too tipsy to care at this point. 

To wrap things up, we had a great time, spent too many rupees, made it back safe and sound and I woke up with a wicked hangover. 

this is the things travel tales are made of my friends…(who wants to read about your boring uneventful, temple laden trip to India). By the way, my mate and I have concluded that 3 months in india borders on the verge of insanity. 

Until next time…


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