Archive 06/04; Where in the world will Suzanne be next???


Well Bangladesh of course sillies!!!!!!! 

Yep, that’s right. Your’s truly is currently in Calcutta, the filthiest city on the planet. Arrived here Monday evening after a lovely 24 hour train ride from Delhi. Been here for 4 days…which is exactly 3 days too long. The only plus I can give Calcutta is that I haven’t seen a single cow since I’ve been here. However, I’ve seen thousands of grungy, rabid dogs and even more beggars. just how many 1 yr. olds can one woman have??? I guess it evens itsself out. Am heading out this evening for Darjeeliing, which is said to be the loveliest of the hillstations, and should be considerably cooler than here. while up there we plan on hopping over the border into Bhutan…ever heard of it??? it’s a tiny little country just northeast of india on the border of Burma and China. then back down and into Bangladesh…the cheapest country in the world. That is of course, unless you are an american and your country has bombed them repeatedly. Doesn’t it seem that there is something wrong when my visa costs more than the entire amount of money i will spend while I’m there?!?! Answer me that.  Oh well, it’s there and I’m here and why not? It should prove interesting. 

TTFN…Until I have anything more interesting to say.


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