Archive 07/04; Greetings from the Kingdom of Bhutan


Yes, it’s true. I’ve made it yet another country…ever heard of it…though this one will be the shortest stay yet. You see the laws are quite complicated when it comes to Bhutan in order to keep down the tourists numbers. Eliminate them altogether more like it. Foreigners are only allowed to enter into the border town of Phuentsoling without a visa ($20 USD) which in itsself is not so bad. However, the visa is essentially useless and doesn’t get you very far considering that is costs $200 a day to enter beyond that point! A little out of my budget. Anyhow, the little part of the country we have seen is quite lovely. The minute you pass thru the country gate from India into Bhutan the difference is literally like night and day. It is so much cleaner and more quiet here…and NO beggars, which are really beginning to get on my nerves. I mean, No means No and shoo means shoo. Anyhow, even though we are in the North Eastern region it is monsoon season which means it is incredibly humid. I do have to say though that considering I haven’t had a haircut in 10 months and I am resembling last years barbie doll…in the hair dept that is, the humidity has resurrected my blonde curls from the dead! The topography here is quite lush, very green and loads of waterfalls. The people are also interesting to observe in their traditional Bhutanese dress which appears to be a chinese/tibetan version of the kilt. As for doing something wild and crazy…eating tradtl. Bhutanese food, which involves alot of chiles (the little,green hot ones), cheese (health risks eliminate that) and……….Yak. That’s right…I am SO wild and crazy! 

catch you in the next zone.


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