Archived 01/04; Loving Chiang Mai


Wow! A week has passed already…and SO much has happened. This is such an amazing experience and I’m meeting people left and right. Chiang Mai is a beautiful place and I’m so glad I’m spend ing most of my time here. The minute I stepped off the train I feel in love with this city. 

OK. first things first. Remember how the whole reason I came to Thailand was to study Thai massage at the hospital…well change of plans. It’s just SOOOOO incredib,ly beautful here and the weather could not be any better!!! Sorry New York. It’s sunny with no clouds, ~80 degrees and low humidity up here in the mountains. Anyhow, I just couldn’t bear to be in class all day everyday for 2 weeks. So instead I’m just going to go around to various therapy workers and learn from them instead. I never was much of a fan on formalized education anyhow, plus I’ll save the 4000 Baht, which is good seeing as I soon realized that I did get swindled about $100 back in Bangkok. However it did provide a good bonding experience between all us fellow backpackers who were all fed the same line about Chinese New Year and there would be no vacancies at the guest houses. Ah well, live and learn. or as the locals say, mai pen rai. Anyhow Its just so amazaing here. I’ve met people from all over the world all fellow travelers each with their own stories and reasons for traveling. There is absolutely no doubt that this is the right thing for me to do at the right time. The people in Chiang Mai are much more welcoming than down South. I’m also learning etiqute when dealing with Buddhist Monks. Can you believe that a monk was my seat partner on the traIN ride up here, which by the way took 15 hours. Oh yes, the sleeping car, which makes metro north look like amtrak. and yet miraculously they transfrom the 2 seats into a sleepr and then drop down the top bunk. Pictures to follow. Anyhow the real fun is in the bar car where you can sit and talk with fellow travelers and exchange stories, which is when i learned that my 300 Baht [er night room was over inflated. Still I have a toilet that flushes AND hot water, which I’ve not had since leaving the states. So I think it’s worth the extra money. Yesterday rented a bike for 30 Baht per day, by the way $1 = 40 baht. Anyhow, I did got and look for the school and wandered around the city for nearly 3 hours looking for it. While tooling around I met a french men also on a bicycle and asked where he was headed and he was looking for the same place, so we biked together looking for it and found it an hour later. Can you believe I ran into him later on in the night. That’s the really funny thing here is that even though it’s the second largest city in Thailand it’s got a village feel to it and I keep running into people that i’ve seen before…”oh what have you been doing? where are you staying?…” After bking around for 4 hours I needed a rest and went to the local park…which is incredibly beautiful!!! fountains and flowers. you can rent a straw mat for 10 baht and just sit and relax. I met an english boy and we sat and talked for 5 hours just chatting. ANyhow it turned out that today is his birthday, so we went and celebrated his b-day thai style. Whatever that is, it was a first evenig outting for both of us. Then today I sat and talked with some Fr. Quebec people, I’m sorry maybe to go on and ramble…my head is a bit overwhelmed because i can’t believe I”m actually here doing this living this life!!!! The hardest obstacle so far for me to overcome is that hurried state of mind. like sitting in the park for 4 hours doing nothing but chatting. It goes against the western mind set and yet, what’s wrong with relaxng and enjopying good weather. Anyhow, i’d say wish you were here to experience what I’m experiencing. 

Til next time.


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