Archived 02/04; Life in Laos


So here I’ve been 2…or is it 3 days…who knows, it’s so hard to keep track of time. Anyhow, Laos is wonderful. Very chill and beautiful. Been too lots of caves, one that I had to climb down a 30 foot bamboo ladder into, one that a group of us swam into using a rope as a guide because it was so dark! The water was incredibly cold but invigorating. Went on a trek to visit a nother hill tribe where there were pigs and monkeys and buffalo…make that angry buffalo. Then Went tubing down the Mekong River for about 4 hours. Even though the river is low right now it was still great fun. Along the way we some how managed to pick up 4 small Laos boys who insisted on sitting onthe side of our innertubes for atleast half an hour. I don’t think any of them could swim and we even tried selling them off to other rafters but there were no takers. Finally we managed to ditch them. It was fun for a while, but very hard work. Today we went on a 6 hour bus ride from Vang Vieng to Luang Prubang, which was fairly uneventful even though there have been reports of shootings in the past. It wasn’t that far, just lots of twists and turns and rising elevations. The landscape was breathtaking. Oh, just for the record, the mountains in Laos have no name…just Big Mountain and Small Mountain. Anyhow, Luang Prubang is lovely with a heavy French influence. And less commercialized that Vang Vieng, which shows Friends on DVD constantly! I don’t think I’ve seen it that much back in the states! Anyhow, I’m in Laos until Tues. and then hopping down to Singapore. Aside from weightloss and chronic indigestion and diarrhea all is great! Watch for new photos on the website when I get the chance.


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