Archived e-mail from Jan ’04


Since blogs weren’t around back then I will be re-posting these e-mails as blogs. They can still be funny reads. Thanks!

so here I am at the main train station waiting for my train to Chang Mai. 14 hours it will take. What a week it’s been already. So far I’ve pretty much covered the entire east coast. I’ve been given a free ride by a cop on his motor bike, I’ve been chased by rabid dogs, I’ve swam with thousands of fish…so no butterflies and oh yes, I’ve eaten chicken for the first time in over 20 years! it was fed to me by a parkl guard who later gave me a ride to the bus stop, so itwould have been rude to refuse. the trip has been fairly uneventful thus far. i’ve seen poor fishing towns and beach resorts ala daytona style. my second day here the tuktuk (yellow cab) gave me ride to the office to get mty ticket to chang mai. the tour operator ended up booking [retty much the entire duration of myu trip. up til this point i’ve doe everything myself, so it wasn’t so bad to get some help considering he planned some more stuff for me i hadn’t considered. it seemed like a lot at the time, but for less than the cost of a studio in manhattan i most of my accomodations, food, hiking, tain tickets and airfare to singapore taked care of. sorry for the sloppy typing byu these key boards are slightly different and tiome is money on the interent. anyhow, i’ve met some interesting people and gotten slightly better on my thai. i’ve probably been taken a few times…i’m sure of it, but oh well. next week is chinese new year and promises to be a biug celebration. all in all i think i’m doing pretty good for a girl all on her own.


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