One week til the next adventure…


My love affair with traveling began many many years ago. Before there were blogs…before there was even internet.  Tho the times have changed, my passion has not.

I took my first leap around the world in ’90. I was a Senior in H.S. and took a band trip down to Australia and New Zealand for 12 days.  It was an amazing experience for a 17 yr. old. Especially since it had taken me 3 years of hard work and saving to go on the trip. It planted the seed but due to life, education, and other annoyances that get in the way it was another 13 years before the next odyssey.

Between ’03 and ’07 I circled the globe 4 times; floating between 4 continents and more than 40 countries. Many people would say to me ‘Oh it must be nice to just pick up and leave. What did you do? Win the lottery?’ That is a 2 part answer. Yes, it is great to pick and leave all your worldly possessions behind (most of which I gave away). But NO I did not win the lottery. I simply worked my ass off for 2 years and made many many sacrifices. Like living in a boarding house in Jersey City with nothing more than a twin bed, mini fridge/microwave and a communal bathroom. It wasn’t glamorous but it was a means to an end.  The point is, if there is something you want bad enough you can find a way to make it happen.

So now after spending many years traveling the globe I am now getting ready to embark on exploring my own country!  Perhaps the worst summer to travel cross country with gas prices where they are, however the forces of the universe have proven to me that this is in fact the right time to plunge into this endeavor.

So stay tuned dear readers for more stories to come…..:)


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  1. I love the sentiment ‘you have to go away to come back home’. I know that sounds obvious but I also know you understand exactly what I mean. Go explore my lovely friend, enjoy every fleeting moment and keep in touch! Love you muchly

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