Day One; A kickin’ start!


Well I suppose there are really 2 ‘Day One’s’.  Day One really was the day I rolled out of town.  Amazingly enough ONE TIME!  We were shooting for 10:00 and at 10:10 we were hitting the GW with our morning smoothies.  My friend Kenny had come up to visit me for a few days and earned his ride down to Fairfax, VA by loading the car for me and playing co-pilot. I have to admit it would’ve been anti-climatic to kick off a road trip all on my own.  Traffic on the Jersey turnpike was heavy to be expected for a holiday weekend, but even with the hold-ups and a 90 degree jack-knifed RV at one juncture we still managed to arrive in Fairfax before 4:00.  Beers on the deck were most definitely in order!  After working my butt off all week with work, several late night private clients as well as packing for cross-country and packing up my apartment for my subletter it’s no wonder I crashed and burned the first night.

The real fun began the next day.  After being woken up by a precarious 4 yr. old Kenny and I decided to go check out Great Falls.  Which is more like a version of the Grand Canyon in the SouthEast.  Huge gorges full of rushing water surrounded by the cliffs of Virginia on one side and Maryland on the other.  Kayakers, hikers and rock climbers were in abundance enjoying the summer weather at this outdoor paradise.  We climbed up and down several rock cliffs as each vista afforded different views.  Funnily enough it took us 2 hours of hiking our way down, but only 15 mins to walk the easy path back. We returned just in time for Kenny’s sister to come home from work and then we headed off to the Vintage Ridge Vineyards and Winery.  Somewhere out in the middle of the Virginia countryside. The vineyard recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary and the winery has been open 4 years.  It was absolutely the perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon with a 4 year old who could run around with the dogs and horses and watch the train below rush by.

Day one was completed with a drunken DC reunion with a travel buddy from Iceland. The house took me back to College Days. You know…multiple couches in the living room, no toilet paper in the bathroom and a mechanical bull with a blow up raft in the backyard.  Oh yeah…this summer is going to be interesting 🙂

Great Falls, VA


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