Day 2: The Travel Gods(esses) are guiding me


After heading out of DC with a massive hangover it was time to head down to North Carolina where I planned to meet up with my good friend Deborah.  I now know why DC traffic sucks so much! Virginia drivers are by far the worst I’ve encountered.  And by bad I mean, worse than Jersey drivers!  At one point the traffic was so bad I decided to just pull off and get brunch.  Down by the Connoquc(sp?) river I threw back a $2 Mimosa with a $6 breakfast burrito.  Can’t beat it!

The stretch of I-95 thru North Carolina is incredibly B-OR-ING! It was a relief to finally get off it and head on I-40.  Unfortunately though it started to appear that meeting up with Deborah was not going to be a possibility. 😦  Bummer since she’s one of my longest and dearest friends.  However I was still heading towards Topsail Island, NC. (pronounced by the locals ‘Topsyl’). The closer I got the more I started wondering where exactly I was going to stay.  I didn’t actually know anything about it, except how to get there thanks to the help of my travel companion Ms. Garmin.  As I crossed over the inter-coastal highway to the island and saw the wall of traffic I started to panic, seeing as it is a holiday weekend.  And then like a beacon of light, an oasis, I saw the words “Campground” on a sign to the left. I decided to turn in but noticed it seemed to be nothing but RV’s and mobile homes.  Not feeling optimistic, but what were my other plans. I decided to follow my mother’s adage ‘You won’t know til you ask’. After finally finding someone who worked there and pleading with the “I’m just one little person with one little tent” cry she said “I’m sure we can squeeze you in somewhere”. The manager came over and said I could camp out behind the office.  Not so bad considering the other side was a waterway. I had water, a spicket, and electricity, the power box.  All for the price of $25!  You can’t beat it considering there probably was no other accomodations in the area.  On top of that they were having a camp ground cook out, a free meal, and the fireworks were taking place right across the street!  My goodness, it really couldn’t get any better than that!

After living in NYC for 14 years, it spoils you and ruins fireworks any place else.  With that I’ll say that atleast I found a good spot and they went on for 45 mins.  The party continued across the street at the Crab Shack with a band that was actually better than the one playing at the fireworks. $4 giant margaritas in a styrofoam cup, not a bad pre-4th of July I’d say!

The next morning I took a spicket “shower” with my water front view watching the jumping fish and the sand crabs crawl back and forth. I spent the next 2 hours cruising around the island on a rented bike to beat the heat and tone up my legs from all the driving the day before until I felt a heat stroke coming on and once again headed down the road to SC, where I never have the desire to go again.

My final statement is this; Virginia drivers are the worst in the southeast. South Carolina drivers are the slowest. North Carolina drivers aren’t that bad, however they have the highest concentration of morbidly obese people I have EVER seen!!


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