Day 3: The Let-down


Seeing as the day before was such a huge success it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the next day would sort of suck.

I rented a bike to tour the island and get some excercise. $15/day was a bargain. But in the heat 2 hours was more than enough.  It took several hours for my face to return to a normal complexion.  The kit-kat I bought melted between the store and the car before I could even open it. So i had to suck it out a little at a time from a tiny hole torn in one of the corners.

Even though it was 4th of July and most people were enjoying the day off, I was sort of annoyed by the holiday as it was just a day in between locations.  I was headed to FL and had decided pre-departure that I didn’t want to drive more than 7 hours a day and it was a long 9.5 to my next destination.  So since I didn’t have any plans for the day and things had fallen thru with Deb I decided to just check out South Carolina on the way at a good half way point.  I will precede this by saying that I have in one day seen more of SC than I ever care to see again!  I must’ve driven over a dozen bridges as I thought the coast would be more interesting than I-95.  What a strange place.  The roads don’t make any sense.  The gas prices jump 10 cents from block to block.  And you could get carried away by the mosquitos, or a swarm of gnats!  I finally ended up at what sounded like an appealing camp ground but turned out to be a dumping station for red necks with nothing better to do.  This was one of those times that camping alone didn’t seem so appealing.  Drunk red necks with moonshine and guns on the 4th of July.  No thank you. I lay in my tent wondering how the night would go.  Around 1:00 AM I heard a lot of angry voices, some male some female and then a lot cars coming and going…and coming again and going again. OH Geez! Just let it be morning already.

No surprise I didn’t get much sleep and woke up feeling very achey.  I decided to pull out my yoga mat/sleeping mat to do some morning yoga to work out the kinks. I wonder what my yogi from Dharamsala would say about handling a swarm of gnats constantly in your face, mouth and ears while trying to do a reverse warrior pose???


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  1. I could have told you about South Carolina…Got ripped off there many moons ago…That aside ,I did try & enjoy myself BUT never could !
    I am sure the rest of your trip will be MO’ BETTA !

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