Day 5: Meeting an old friend…for the 1st time


As I drove down from Beaufort, SC- relieved to be leaving the state behind- I was filled with anticipation about my upcoming reunion.  How do you have a reunion with someone you’ve never met before?  I don’t know, but it’s how it felt.

My mom has been telling me for several months how dry it’s been down where she is. And as I made my way down I-95 there were several patches where the smoke was so thick from the forest fires that you could hardly see or breathe.  It’s a shame seeing as we’ve gotten more rain in the northeast than we know what to do with.

The 4 hours on the Garmin time clock seemed to click by slowly, but before I knew it 12:45 arrived.   Whitney had been a pillar of strength, a fountain of compassion & a virtual shoulder to cry on during an extremely difficult period of my life.  But as the healing started to take place in my heart and my mental health returned, as the tears started to dry and the sun shone once again, it turned out that she was actually a real friend.  So what’s it like to meet that person for the first time IRL???  Pretty f-ing cool!!!  Giddy would be the appropriate word to use.  In a matter of hours we were years into the friendship.  When she said that she couldn’t stand water without a flavor to it I started to wonder if we had been separated at birth.  It was 2 of the most awesome days ever!  We went to the springs she’s been telling me about forever. We talked, we laughed, we shared…but we didn’t cry.  There had been enough of that!  Life is short and friends are precious.  Grab them when you can…give them a hug, and not one of those ‘half’ hugs.  Give them a full bodied hug that hugs from the heart and look forward to the next time a seredipitous meeting comes along!

Until the next time my dear friend….


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