Days 15, 16 & 17; Reuniting with old friends, it does the soul good.


After the nightmare of Houston, it was a most welcome event to meet up with longtime friends.  I was originally planning to head straight to Austin and spend the weekend there.  But it turns out the my friends were both going to surrounding areas for the weekend.  So I left Houston and headed to Galveston Island to meet up with my friend Michael and his girls.  I originally met Michael and the Smith clan 16 years ago back in Casselberry FL when we were next door neighbors.  If one good thing ever came out of me owning that house it was this friendship.  Kaley was barely walking and talking when I first met them, now she is about to enter her Senior year of highschool.  And Hope wasn’t even born yet when I moved to New York.  But inspite of the distances and the moves, we have remained close friends over the years.  So of all people to meet up with after my break in, this was the best medicine I could get.

Galveston Texas is a major weekend beach get away for Houston area residents since it’s only an hour away.  But it’s not the Hamptons.  I would put it somewhere between Panama City Beach and Daytona, with a little more charm and personality….but not much.  Still, when you’re with good friends it doesn’t really matter.  There is some interesting architecture there and the best thing we did was drive around and look at the wood carvings.  Back in ’08 hurricane Ike tore through Galveston destroying homes, downing power for over a week and uprooting hundred year old Live Oaks.  It left ugly rotting stumps behind.  One of the local women came up with the idea of getting area artists to carve sculptures into them instead as a way to create beauty and promote tourism.  It most definitely worked we spent several hours driving around searching them out.  The tin man was carved infront of the house that one of the directors of the Wizard of Oz was actually born in.  There were owls, dolphins, frogs, sponge bob, and my personal favorite Mermaids!  It was such a good time and good to hang out with Mike and the girls.

After lunch it was time for me to head over to San Antonio to meet up with their mother.  Can you believe, I had to drive back thru Houston to get there and I got lost twice!!!  Not only are the highways completely confusing, but the driver’s are total assholes as well!!!  They all drive BIG trucks or Suburbans and drive VERY aggressively.  My little 4-cylinder car wasn’t quite up taking them on.  So yeah, I got lost twice getting in the wrong lane and then not being able to change.  UGH!!!!  Just get me as far away from Houston as possible!!! I finally made it to San Antonia an hour behind schedule due to I-10 being shut down for 2 miles, with no notice! When I got to the hotel parking was a big challenge and I had to resort to the hotel’s valet service.  I explained to the guy that I was basically living out of my car and would need more stuff out of it but he said that wasn’t a problem.  The hotel we stayed in was super cool!  It was an old bank that still had all the original vaults and molding and wow it was super beautiful!

Margaret and I had been to San Antonio together once before when I got a cheaper fare to fly there instead of Austin. The river walk in down town San Antonio is super cool and unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else in the states.  It goes on and on and on and has one bar and restaurant after another.  We had such a fun night bouncing here and there until the exhaustion of my ‘event’ finally caught up with me and we called it a night.  The next day we had lunch a top the Spindle Top, Towers of the Americas. Which was built for the 1968 world’s fair.  Who doesn’t love a good spindle top?!?  Though this was definitely one of the more slow moving ones.  I recommend it if you’re ever in the area. Also check out the super cool waterfall fountains down below.

After lunch we headed over the see The Alamo.  Even though we’ve all heard the name, I didn’t really know the full story.  The first thing is what evidently most people say after they see it, which is wow it’s really small!  But I suppose since only a few hundred people were staying there it wouldn’t need to be large.  Pretty unbelievable that an army of 6,500 stormed them for 6 months!  After the Alamo, well it was just too damn hot!!!  Walk more than 2 blocks in that heat and you will absolutely melt.  We jumped in our A/C cars and drove back to Austin where I’ve been hanging out with the girls waiting for my bank card to arrive so I can get back on the road.


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  1. Don’t know if there will be a post on July 20, but it should be remarked that this is the day observed, even celebrated, by many as being the anniversary of the biggest and longest ongoing hoax ever perpetrated – – not counting various religions, of course: man’s supposed landing on the moon.
    love, YKW

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